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“What they've done with their product is take a revolutionary idea and pretend they came up with it. Brilliant.”
Peyton Galiano
Product Manager
“This is the best looking site I've seen since the last one my grandson showed me.”
Jim Wilcox
“It's pretty chill here, nobody has reserved parking spaces, not even the CEO, so I usually just park at my friend's place and play LoL all day.”
Brandon Willis
Software Engineer
“They hire only the best people who can't believe they actually got hired somewhere.”
Karen Mack
Project Engineer
“I've literally never been outside.”
Garret Harris
Database Admin
“I interviewed with them for a software job and they really stressed how casual they were so I just didn't show up.”
Daniel Jackson
Front End Developer
“They rewrite their entire codebase in the latest javascript framework every quarter, so you know they're cutting edge.”
Savannah Moriguchi
.NET Developer
“In a world of useless, fleeting app-based companies and over-valued niche-market startups, Satirical.ly dares to be both.”
Bryan Szostak
Stock Photographer
“You guys ever seen a grown man eat an entire chicken live? Twenty bucks and I'll do it.”
Robert Hemington
VP of Finances
“Satirical.ly is a uniquely great startup, literally offering everything in a company I'd ever want and more. I've never seen anything like it, and there's no doubt they'll continue to be wildly successful.”
Jason Morgenstern
Grooming Salon Manager
“They just expanded into a new office after their game room got so big people had to wait five, sometimes ten minutes to play pool.”
Danielle Bakke
Sales Associate
“I've heard it's a pretty chill company. At their last company outing they just all took shrooms and watched every episode of Planet Earth.”
Brienna Johnson
Vascular Technologist
“I've heard their new office has one ping pong table for every million dollars they're overvalued.”
Cameron Ganzel
Window Cleaner
“They have great benefits. For example, they have a Mother's Room on the second floor where new moms can practice screaming at teachers who give their child a B.”
Amber Hanson
Mail Clerk
“I interviewed a week ago to be a security analyst and they didn't hire me. But whatever, their loss, I'm way smarter than any of them. I took an online IQ test yesterday and got a 404.”
Donovan Nelson
“Satirical.ly offered me $130k to work there, then Google offered me $170k to work there instead, then Facebook offered me $250k not to work at either. At this point I'm making a quarter million just to watch Netflix and wonder how this even happened.”
Elizabeth Page
Senior Software Engineer
“I don't care. Stop calling me. Stop emailing me. Stop sending me flowers. Stop singing me songs outside my window. Stop leaving hour long minute voicemails of you crying. I don't love you anymore, Greg. You have to move on.”
Elisa Millisor
Field Sales Representative
“Well I was weighing my options and had to decide between Satircal.ly, Uber, and Dropbox, but I never even got an interview with the other two so here we are.”
Greg Davis
Marketing Associate
“They have an eight week wellness class that eases engineers into going outdoors. By the end, people are able to be out for so long some even get sunburned.”
Dale McKinney
Quality Assurance Analyst
“I got hired in San Fran as an Account Specialist last May and have been living in various meeting rooms ever since. The ones on the fourth floor are only $2200 a month.”
Alex Mclaurin
Chimney Analyst
“I bet I can fit my whole fist in your mouth.”
Maxwell Martin
General Manager