About You

You're here, a person, a human being of worth. You can easily lose yourself in one of your passions, though you're not sure if anyone but your closest friends really know what your true passions are. If you're not careful, you can lose touch with people due to your passion because they just don't understand.

You're not a people-pleaser, but people do enjoy being around you. Not everyone. Some people. More than you think. Less than they think. Who are they? Are they friendly? Enemies? Should those two sentences offer better parallels in structure? You're the kind of person who can trust people who deserve your trust. You tell people things you think they need to know, things that strengthen your relationship, or weaken it. It's not a perfect science.

You have an aura of authenticity. Not necessarily a lofty aura, it's not in-your-face, you're nice about it. But people who know you really can tell who you are. You're not afraid to stand up for what's right, but you also know it can be uncomfortable to do that sometimes so it's not like you do it all the time anyway. It's not necessarily your job to do it, obviously, though you're not saying you wouldn't if you thought you should. You've got a good head on your shoulders. Down to earth. Recycling.

The world isn't exactly fair, so why should you be? I mean you are but you don't have to be all the time. You understand the interworkings of the world and its parts and people and cultures but not so much that it's annoying to others. You just have a grasp on things and others have it too but maybe not as much as you in some senses but sure they have it more in others. You and others can work together to change the world, but understandably your schedules don't overlap much so it's hard. You don't let things that are hard take you down but you do back off a bit in cases where it makes sense. But you're a hard worker. Definitely.

Where did you put your phone? You swear you just had it. Did you leave it in the car? You're pretty sure you brought it inside though admittedly you don't really remember using it inside, you think you remember putting it in your pocket when you got out of the car. Or was that yesterday? What day is it? Is it Thursday already? Wow, you can't believe it. Time flies when you're killing it day in, day out.

You believe in order and purpose, though you understand that at times things may seem chaotic without reason. You have a steady set of morals and stick to your guns even when the government tries to take them away from you. You defend your beliefs with these guns, I mean after all, you spent six months on a waiting list to go to a store to show off the gun you 3D printed in your basement. Frustrating though that it keeps printing it with an orange tip.

You're friendly and outgoing with people that you already decided you like, a sort of guru when it comes to talking about different Pringles flavors. You know people value you because when you ask them if they value you they respond, "What?" which evaluates to truthy in javascript, your favorite three syllable, dynamically untyped, poorly scoped language.

You like your work to be noticed, to be appreciated, to be heralded above others, brigaded down streets of adoring fans weeping your name, haters whose jealousy knows no bounds yet can't help but respect it, a wash of people of all ages, all cultures, all backgrounds, joining as one in the exultation of your greatness, bowing before your might and skills, your sheer talent that no longer creeps toward success but bounds upon triumph, squashing victory under its weight, serving as an example to all that try to stack up to your immeasurable supremacy.

But also everyone else is better than you too.