About Us


We're Satirical.ly.

A fast growing startup based in the Bay Area, probably.

Our mission is to become a unicorn company by leveraging our bleeding edge technology and rockstar employees to ramp up into an emerging market where we can be the Uber for profit. We take deep dives into pain points in different markets to lead a paradigm shift in the road map of disruptive revenue. We hire agressively to maximize our bandwidth into scalable, viral solutions for thought leaders and brogrammers everywhere, continuously pivoting into a product that provides top value to consumers across all platforms.

We pride ourselves on making decisions not based on emotions or gut feeling, but on reasons. Every decision we make is for a reason. Each time we gather and make a decision, we say to ourselves, "Is there a reason to do this?" and if we do not have a reason, we do not make that decision.

We take software seriously, as seriously as users don't take us. Because that's what it takes to succeed, which is the opposite of failing. Did people think Slack was going to fail? Probably. Have they? To be honest, I don't know. But what I do know is my SSN, and I'll give it out on the phone to literally anyone who sounds like they're wearing a tie.

It's not what we make that defines us. It's not our code, our databases, our deployables. It's our people. Because the best VCs invest in people and they're the only real source of money for us right now. It's our people that make us great and your people that make you stupid. It's our people that strive for greatness and your people that strive for lameness. It's our people that soar on the wings of Eagles and your people that think it's soar on the wings of The Eagles. It's just Eagles. Your people don't get art.

Our employees come from all walks of life, in that we don't hire paraplegics. We come from all parts of the country that studied computer science at the same five schools and between all of us, we speak 18 different dialiects of American English, from Southie to Southern, from Southern California to SoCal. We engage in many extracurricular activities after work, like commuting.

We have a very casual environment, you can wear shorts and a graphic tee of your favorite startup that never replied to your application. Our CEO shows up to work sometimes in sandals! Sometimes entire departments don't show up to work at all!

We hope you like what you see and love what you hear. For us, it's simple. Here at Satirical.ly, we have one mission we all work toward: we want to change the world. And if that means getting paid just a stupid amount of money, so be it.